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"I need a sponsor!"

 Mohit is 13 year old boy with friendly and smiling face, came to us in Sept. 06 for respite care but his parents never returned, abandoned him. He is physically challenged with Arthogryphosis, mentally challenged and has speech difficulties too. He is good in mimicry, asks every one 'how r youee'. He likes to run , hence keeps falling and is often covered with bruises on his face but he battle on. He is happy family member of cottage 5.

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 Little breaks a heart faster than a child's smile. It may be a smile of anticipation...a smile of pure joy...a smile of longing ... a smile that says "thank you" (’Dhan’yavada ’ in Hindi ) that means much more than words in any language.

 In "Snehalaya" there are more than 63 (the number grows daily) smiling faces. These are the children that have escaped the hard, menial, and monotonous future of living on the streets of India...and have come to a place where they are treated with dignity and all their needs are met.

 "Snehalaya", meaning "the home with love" in Hindi, is a care home for disabled children, homeless women and the aged, where they live together as a family in individual cottages, with aims to help make them independent and live with dignity.

 It is our aim for Snehalaya to become completely self sufficient. We have drilled bore holes to provide fresh drinking water, cultivated 15 acres of land and we rear dairy cows and poultry to provide food. We are making good progress but we are a long way off from being 100% self-sufficient, with electricity production being our biggest and most costly hurdle.



 The Gwalior Children's Charity does not receive any government support from India, despite operating in one of it's poorest and most needy areas. Because of this we rely solely on donations from around the world.

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All running costs are met thorugh the kindness of our donors. Nothing is deducted for administration costs with 100% of funds going directly to help the children.



In order for us to process your application to work with GCC and associated charities in India, it is necessary for you to complete the following form and send it along with your Gift Aid donation as deposit or full payment for your placement. Once we have received these details, we shall make the arrangements for your stay. Please note that places are not guaranteed until declaration and deposit are received.

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 Hospice for children with HIV and other terminal illnesses

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 The 2011 Souvenir book is available to read online and for download, with all the latest news about Snehalaya and Gwalior Childrens Charity.

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  The Gwalior Children's Charity does not receive any government support from India, despite operating in one of it's poorest and most needy areas. Because of this we rely solely on donations from around the world.

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All running costs are met thorugh the kindness of our donors. Nothing is deducted for administration costs with 100% of funds going directly to help the children.

 The Gwalior Children's Charity raises money to help poor and destitute people in Gwalior, India. Although our main focus is on the children of Gwalior, our work also extends to women and the elderly.

     Women and children at Snehalaya

 Our projects aim to give the children of Gwalior, and where possible their families, independence by providing the skills, education and healthcare required to break their cycle of poverty and live a better life.

new school at Snehalaya childrens home

 New School
The school will provide education for residents of Snehalaya with special needs plus 500 children from surrounding villages. This is one of the important services provided free of charge, with the help of GCC supporters.

Give A Smile...
?15 Provides a years supply of school materials for 1 child

?40 Provides 3 mths of food, shelter and education for a destitute child.

?100 Provides life saving vaccinations for 100 children

?250 Provides a months supply of clean drinking water at Snehalaya.

?400 Provides a months supply of electricity to Snehalaya.

?1500 Provides accomodation for life for 1 disabled child

?2500 Provides complete care and accomodation for 1 disabled child.



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