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 Uma is Charming 8 year old girl. She has Autism, hemi plegia & epilepsy. Since Aug. 06 she has been member of Snehalaya. She copes very well with her disabilities & most of the time is happy & cheerful. She loves toys which make noise. She also enjoys physio sessions. Now she can sit & crawl. She is dependent for her A.D.L. & is living happily in cottage 2 with other children & carer parents.

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 Little breaks a heart faster than a child's smile. It may be a smile of anticipation...a smile of pure joy...a smile of longing ... a smile that says "thank you" (’Dhan’yavada ’ in Hindi ) that means much more than words in any language.

 In "Snehalaya" there are more than 63 (the number grows daily) smiling faces. These are the children that have escaped the hard, menial, and monotonous future of living on the streets of India...and have come to a place where they are treated with dignity and all their needs are met.

 "Snehalaya", meaning "the home with love" in Hindi, is a care home for disabled children, homeless women and the aged, where they live together as a family in individual cottages, with aims to help make them independent and live with dignity.

 It is our aim for Snehalaya to become completely self sufficient. We have drilled bore holes to provide fresh drinking water, cultivated 15 acres of land and we rear dairy cows and poultry to provide food. We are making good progress but we are a long way off from being 100% self-sufficient, with electricity production being our biggest and most costly hurdle.



 The Gwalior Children's Charity does not receive any government support from India, despite operating in one of it's poorest and most needy areas. Because of this we rely solely on donations from around the world.

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All running costs are met thorugh the kindness of our donors. Nothing is deducted for administration costs with 100% of funds going directly to help the children.


The Organisation and Team in U.K

Gwalior Childrens Charity (Help Children of India) no.1063694

The Trustees

1. Dr.B.K.Sharma- Founder and Chairman.

2. Mrs.Lynda McShane-------------- Trustee- treasurer

3. Dr.Juhi Sharma-------------------- Trustee-member

4. Mrs.Veena Ananth Padmanabam-- Trustee-member

5. Mr. Vivek Sharma ----------------- Trustee and member

6. Dr. Michael Manarkattu -----------Trustee and member


Accountants and Auditors-- Y.Malik & Co.



1. Dr.Anwar-Ul-Haq--------------- Ophthalmic services

2. Dr.Margaret Garman----------- Community services(Primary care)

3. Dr.Richard Levin---------------- Paediatric Services

4. Dr.Ann Whitfield---------------- Anaesthetic Services

5. Dr. Neil Sikka ------- Dental services

6. Mr. Richard Worrall.... Fund raising and publicity.

7. Linda Nevin-Drummond- Instructor and trainer special need educational needs.

8. Mr. Alan Whybrew ------- Fund raising and publicity representative in Isle of Man

9. Clare Ross.... Web site development and maintainence.

10. Rahul Patel.... Fund raising and publicity.

11. Emmanithi....... Publicity and fund raising.

Overseas advisers -

12. Dr.Y.Chaturvedi ------- Volunteers & fundraising, U.S.A.

13. Cate Begbie- Special need teacher coordinator, Australia

14. Brig. Jitender Matta (Retd.) ------ Hon. Director Snehalaya and Coordinator, India


Contact for further information or any questions

Dr. B.K.Sharma or Dr. Juhi Sharma,

14, Magdalene Road,


West Midlands.

WS1 3TA (U.K.)

Tel. +44 (0)1922 629842

Fax. +44 (0)1922 632942



The Organisation and Team in India


Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust incl. Snehalaya (The Home with Love)
Charity no. 5/96-97/B-113(i) M.P. India

1. Dr.B.K.Sharma--------------------------- Founder trustee-chairman

2. Mr. Vivek Sharma----------------------- Trustee

3. Mr.Brijendra Dwivedi------------------- Trustee-treasurer

4. Dr.Juhi Sharma-------------------------- Trustee-member

5. Mr.Madhukar Rao---------------------- Trustee-legal adviser

6. Mrs. Vandana Pande ----------- Trustee and member

7. Brig. Jitender matta (Retd.)...... Trustee- Hon. Director snehalaya.

8. Prof. P.S. Bisen.............. Trustee and Member

9. Mr. Rakesh Rathore...... Trustee and Member

10. Dr. B.S.Sharma (Chaitanya).... Trustee, Hon. Director Education Unit.

11. Ms. Bhawna Tiwari.......... Trustee Administrator.


Accountant-- Mr. Vikas Saxena.

Auditors--- Sanjay Jain & associates

Volunteer Coordinator- Mr. Ravi Kumar.

Manager for farms and Security- Mr. Jai Prakash Sharma.


Advisers to trust and members of management committee all trustees as given above and

1. Prof. B.Shukla------- Member Ex Director Ophthalmic Services, President Indian Ophthalmic Society.

2. Dr. L.P.Mathur------- Member- Ex. Director health services,M.P.

3. Prof. P.C.Jain-------- Member- Author and Ex Prof. literature

4. Shri Hrishikesh Vasishtha- Member Educationist & Yoga trainer MP

5. Dr. AnilAkush Sharma........ Member- Horticulturist.

6. Dr.D.K.Jain---------- Member- Asstt.Prof.Child Psychology.

7. Prof. C.S. Bhadauria (Retd. SP Police) ----- Member- Educationist, Administration and Security.


Our Team Of Hon. Consultants

Prof B Shukla (Ophthalmogist and Hon. Director Health Services)

Prof. R.L.S Sengar (Neurosurgeon)

Dr. D.S. Pawar ( Gen. Physician)

Dr.K.K.Gupta ( Gen. Surgeon)

Dr. Sushil Arora (Ophthalmologist)

Dr. R.A. Singh (Speech Therapist)

Dr. Ahuja (Ent Specalist)

Dr. D.K.Jain (Child Psychologist And Counsellor)

Dr. Rahul Sapra (Paediatrician)

Dr. Pushpa Mishra (Health Educator)

Dr. Vikrant Awasthi (Physiotherapist)

Dr. Kuldeep Saxena (Skin Specialist)


Teachers in Snehalaya

Mr. Ravi Kumar

Ms. Hem Lata Sharma

Mrs. Prabhavati Yadav

Mr. Pankaj

Ms. Swati


In addition to above we have a large team (approximately 450 as of now) of experts from 18 countries as volunteers inclusive of Health Care providers, Doctors & Dentists (GPs, Specialists and consultants in all disciplines), nurses, technicians including Speech therapists, physiotherapists, Audiologists, Paramedics, Medical physics etc. Social workers, Carers for disabled children and for children with profound learning disabilities, mental illness etc. as well Teachers and Educationists including teachers for children with special needs, teachers for children with learning disabilities (mild as well profound), play Specialists  & teachers for nursery, school, hospital and orphanage for disabled children and this number of volunteer experts from India, U.K., U.S.A., U.A.E., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries keeps increasing every day.


We provide advise and consultation/counselling services related to any health matters or that for education and training overseas by our experts from India and abroad through our ICTC with Video Conferencing facilities. Contact for further information or questions or advise through ICTC -

Dr. B. K. Sharma,
Akanksha - Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus,
Opposite Jhansi Road Police Station, Gwalior-474009 (M.P.)
Tel.+91 (0)751 2435537 Fax. +91 (0) 751 2329455
Email:  or


For Snehalaya The Home with Love-

Dr. B.K.Sharma or Brig. Jitender Matta or Mr. Ravi Kumar,
Our Snehalaya - "The Home with Love", is located at 16KM stone on Jhansi Road (NH 74),
Village Sikroda, Post Badori, Distt. Gwalior - 475001 (M.P.), India.
Tel. +91 9425113822 and 09981178987 Email:





 The 2011 Souvenir book is available to read online and for download, with all the latest news about Snehalaya and Gwalior Childrens Charity.

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  The Gwalior Children's Charity does not receive any government support from India, despite operating in one of it's poorest and most needy areas. Because of this we rely solely on donations from around the world.

donate now

All running costs are met thorugh the kindness of our donors. Nothing is deducted for administration costs with 100% of funds going directly to help the children.

 The Gwalior Children's Charity raises money to help poor and destitute people in Gwalior, India. Although our main focus is on the children of Gwalior, our work also extends to women and the elderly.

     Women and children at Snehalaya

 Our projects aim to give the children of Gwalior, and where possible their families, independence by providing the skills, education and healthcare required to break their cycle of poverty and live a better life.

new school at Snehalaya childrens home

 New School
The school will provide education for residents of Snehalaya with special needs plus 500 children from surrounding villages. This is one of the important services provided free of charge, with the help of GCC supporters.

Give A Smile...
£15 Provides a years supply of school materials for 1 child

£40 Provides 3 mths of food, shelter and education for a destitute child.

£100 Provides life saving vaccinations for 100 children

£250 Provides a months supply of clean drinking water at Snehalaya.

£400 Provides a months supply of electricity to Snehalaya.

£1500 Provides accomodation for life for 1 disabled child

£2500 Provides complete care and accomodation for 1 disabled child.



Gwalior  Childrens  Charity (Regd. Charity No. 1063694),  &  Snehalaya Trust , 14,Magdalene Road, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA (U.K.)
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